The True/False Podcast

The True/False Podcast

Every year in March, the True/False Film Fest celebrates the complex, surprising and hilarious world we share, and the documentary films that capture it. Now, we want to give you a taste of the Fest year round with the True/False podcast. Presented by KBIA. Hosted by Allison Coffelt.

Recent Podcast Episodes

Control with Myles Kane and Josh Koury (VOYEUR) Dec. 1, 2017
Collaboration with Carmine Grimaldi (IF ONLY THERE WERE PEACE) July 13, 2017
Blood Is Thicker Than Water June 29, 2017
Voice with Deborah Stratman (THE ILLINOIS PARABLES) June 15, 2017
Director-Subject Relationship with Antonio Tibaldi and Alex Lora (THY FATHER'S CHAIR) June 1, 2017
Chautauqua May 18, 2017
Intentionality of Sound with Stephanie Spray May 4, 2017
EXTRA - Being In The Film with the Rainey Family April 28, 2017
Time with Jon Olshefski April 20, 2017
Campfire Stories April 6, 2017
Documentary Form with Eric Hynes (MUSEUM OF THE MOVING IMAGE) March 23, 2017
EXTRA - 'Buskers Last Stand' March 16, 2017
Access with Laura Hartrick and Craig Atkinson (DO NOT RESIST) March 9, 2017
Immersion with the Ross Brothers (CONTEMPORARY COLOR) March 2, 2017
Building Character with Keith Fulton & Lou Pepe (THE BAD KIDS) Feb. 23, 2017

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